Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Excerpt Challenge - Present and Past are Illusion

It's a Ripples kind of day. Yoshi and Makoto's idea of a wedding present for their friends, a foursome. But, even with the best of intentions, plans go awry and the past intrudes on the present.

Yoshi woke with a start several hours later, sticky and uncomfortable, and peeled himself off the sheets. He gazed fondly at the three slumbering figures, smiling slightly when Souta's face wrinkled in displeasure at the loss of warmth. The assassin instinctively scooted closer to the still slumbering pair, relaxing back into his dreams when he was plastered up against Makoto's broad back. Satisfied that all three were once again sound asleep he padded into the bathroom, intent on washing the evidence of their pleasure off.

The shadow wolf relaxed when the warm water flooded over him, quickly scrubbing himself clean before standing under the spray, head bowed, and just letting the hot water soothe his aching muscles. He jumped slightly in surprise when the shower door opened and Daisuke slipped in behind him.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you,” the Shuhan murmured as he stepped into the cleansing spray. “I hate being all sticky.”

Yoshi stiffened when the younger man pressed up against his back. “You're so very beautiful. You do know that, don't you?” the Shuhan murmured as he gently kissed the nape of his neck.

"Your point is?”

"I'd like to enjoy you the way Souta did,” Daisuke answered honestly as he rubbed his burgeoning erection against the shadow wolf's ass.

"If that is what you wish, Shuhan-sama,” Yoshi answered formally, bowing his head and bracing his hands against the cool tile as he waited for a response. He schooled his face into a mask of indifference as the younger man's thick cock slowly breached his entrance, wriggling uncomfortably as Daisuke pressed inexorably forward until his hips were flush with alabaster skin.

"Kami, you're hot.” The Shuhan pulled back slightly, starting a rocking motion which grew deeper and harder with each thrust until he was pounding wantonly into the too silent shadow wolf. Daisuke was so lost in the pleasurable sensations that he never noticed how the other man was reacting.

Yoshi stiffened at the first intrusion, reluctantly forcing himself to relax in order to avoid being torn. He tried to hide his anxiety, but memories of Kobayashi-sama's hard hands and brutal penetration rose up to swamp him and he could only stand there, mute, tension thrumming through his frame.

The shadow wolf fought to regulate his breathing, he was starting to hyperventilate and could feel the world growing hazy around him. When Daisuke finally came with a wail he collapsed against the tile, relief flowing though him when the Shuhan's cock slipped from his swollen entrance.

". . . shi, Yoshi?” He heard the words, but couldn't respond.

"Are you alright?” Daisuke asked, alarmed by the silence. “I didn't hurt you, did I?”

The shadow wolf shook his head wearily, trying to throw off his confusion and respond. “No Shuhan-sama,” he finally managed, before lapsing back into stillness.

"Well, something's bothering you. I'll go get Makoto.”

"No! Please . . . I'm fine.”

"Then talk to me,” Daisuke entreated. “I'm getting kind of scared.”

"I'm sorry, Shuhan-sama. You do not need to worry about me,” Yoshi stated stiffly. “I'm just a little tired.”

"Why so formal then? Usually you call me Dai,” the Shuhan pressed. “If I did something wrong I'd like to know what it is.”

"Everything's fine, Daisuke-san. We should try to get some rest. Makoto and I are leaving in the morning.”

The Shuhan eyed him suspiciously, but eventually relented and followed the shadow wolf back to bed. As soon as he slid under the covers Yoshi immediately shut his eyes and pretended to sleep, suppressing his ki in hopes of convincing Daisuke that he was just exhausted.

The Shuhan pursed his lips. He was sure something was bothering the shadow wolf, but failed to pierce his infamous reserve to uncover exactly what. I'll talk to Makoto about it in the morning, he decided with a yawn, rolling over and snuggling into the pile of warm bodies as darkness overtook him.

As soon as the Shuhan was asleep. Yoshi's eyes popped open and he scooted to the farthest corner of the bed, worrying his lower lip between his teeth as he tried to regain his composure. We talked about this in therapy, he told himself. Daisuke didn't hurt me, I can say no, Makoto doesn't mind. As he desperately went through his mental litany he snagged their bag and dragged it over, digging inside until he located the anti-anxiety medication, pouring several pills in his hand and swallowing them dry before curling back up in a tiny ball, hand unconsciously stroking the tattoo on his neck.

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