Monday, May 8, 2017

A long deferred update

I admit, I have never been the most consistent blogger...but lately I have been completely absent. My apologies, but my attention has been elsewhere. First, there was the disastrous election here in the US, which left me fighting to keep my head from exploding. Then my personal world was knocked for a huge loop when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

If you are interested, the early stages of the process are documented on his GoFundMe page (because, of course, we have no money set aside for a disaster of this magnitude). Now the surgical recovery is complete, and we have embarked on the long, exhausting path of chemotherapy and radiation. 

On top of all that, I am now the primary driver for the family, making sure Paul makes it to all his doctor's appointments, my son makes it to school and work, and his girlfriend makes it to her, of course, all the ancillary running around for groceries, prescriptions, and all the places a couple of 21 year olds need to get to!

So, for now, writing is kind of on the back burner. I have the desire, but very little time to actually sit down and type without constant interruption. Hopefully this will change and I will soon have better writing related news to post here!

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